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Kalkallo, VIC

Cloverton Pavilion has been designed to full AFL standard as part of the new Active Open Space development at Kalkallo to the north of Melbourne. The pavilion will sit within an open space masterplan comprising 2 AFL sized ovals, with cricket nets, tennis courts, car parking and various landscaping features. The pavilion has been designed with large AFL standard Unisex change facilities along with a 160m2 Social Clubroom and a semi commercial kitchen and bar. Storage areas and public toilet facilities have also been provided.


The building comprises a combination of raw concrete block finishes contrasted with colorful prefinished Stratco metal tray type cladding. All cladding is of non-combustible nature. The roof has been designed to fall towards the north and has been given a single pitch in order to maximize space for a solar PV installation. The steel structure has also been designed to support the loads of the solar. The solar installation is subject of a separate project being undertaken by Hume City Council.


Through the design of this project, we have aimed to use simple forms and a clean and efficient structural design using steel framing designed by an excellent structural engineer. As a result of this, the project came in from Tender significantly under the anticipated budget. As a result, there is now some spare funding available to allow construction of a concrete terraced area between the pavilion and the oval.

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