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Clunes Station




Traditional Owners



Clunes VIC, Australia

Dja Dja Wurrung

This project involves renovation and conversion of existing disused rail buildings so they can be made available for local community groups. In regional areas, community networks and groups are undergoing a formidable revival in strengthening local communities and connections. VicTrack has a team of liaison staff who establish potential users and link them with potential sites throughout Victoria – where there is a demand for some space, there is usually a rail building lying vacant and unloved not far away.

In each case, the projects have involved extensive consultation with the local users to ascertain their requirements for the conversion and new layouts. At the same time, we upgrade the buildings to contemporary DDA standards, while ensuring we remain within the strict budget requirements.

This also gives us an opportunity to work with and get to know regional contractors and the difficult conditions they often have to work in.

Davidson Architecture has delivered four projects in regional Victoria including:​

- Yarrawonga Station
- Trafalgar Station
- Clunes Station
- Dunkeld Station

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